Bucket Teeth & Adaptors

In the earthmoving industry, it takes the right ground engaging tools to extract full performance from your heavy equipment. The bottom line? Whether you’re in construction, mining, quarrying or another ground-engaging field, it’s essential to have quality teeth and adaptors for your bucket.

Durable Earthmoving Equipment

Equip your loader, excavator or bulldozer with Earthmoving Unlimited’s durable range of bucket teeth and adaptors. We offer a full range of Cat J Series bucket adaptors and teeth, as well as fitting hardware such as pins and retainers.

Anyone in the business knows that efficiency, productivity and durability aren’t just words – they reflect real dollar values for your project. Matching your ground-engaging tools with the terrain and application also means genuine savings, boosting the profitability of your project. 

By reducing stress on your earthmoving equipment, choosing the right teeth for hard or rocky surfaces achieves results more quickly, with greater fuel efficiency. Selecting the right angle and tip penetration also ensures you benefit from the maximum lifespan of your GET, avoiding premature wear. 

High Quality Ground Engaging Tools

Our heavy duty bucket teeth and adaptors meet the highest standards of engineering, offering lasting value to our customers each and every time. At Earthmoving Unlimited, we conduct extensive factory testing to make sure every ground engaging tool we sell is up to the task. 

With decades of experience in the international GET industry, our standards for quality and performance are incredibly high – because delivering value is about more than just price. It means ensuring our products ultimately support the profitability of your project.  And with our 100% replacement and lifetime warranty against defects on all Earthmoving Unlimited GET, we stand by the performance and durability of every single item we sell. 

Better yet, Earthmoving Unlimited is your one-stop-shop for all machines and all surfaces – so you can find everything you’re looking for in the one place. Browse our online store to see the most popular bucket teeth and adaptors in our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch to place a custom order and access our extended catalogue of ground-engaging accessories. 

Heavy Duty Abrasion
J Series Twin Tiger (1)

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J Series Heavy Duty Long (1)
J Series Rock Chisel (1)
J Series Double Weld On Adaptor (3)


There’s a good reason the Caterpillar J Series of adaptors is an industry standard. The iconic horizontal retention style allows for a strong, secure fit, helping to avoid maintenance costs and delays. 

A key feature of the Cat J Series format is its versatility, making it interchangeable across all types of earthmoving machinery. The side pin and retainer locking system makes J Series ground engaging tools easy to install and remove. The result? Real savings in productivity and time-to-completion. 

We offer a range of J Series teeth in different shapes and weights to accommodate all of our customers’ applications, including:

  • General purpose
  • Heavy duty long
  • Heavy duty abrasion
  • Rock penetrating
  • Rock chisel
  • Twin tiger

Don’t forget to order the pins and retainers you need to fit your new J Series ground engaging tools. We’ve put together a handy kit in our online store, combining your choice of teeth and adaptors with the correct pin and retainer. Have your components arrive together, on time and ready to install with our Cat J Series kits. 

It’s all part of our mission to deliver a better customer experience in the GET industry. 


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