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At Earthmoving Unlimited we stock an extensive range of cutting edges and wear parts to suit loaders, scrapers and bulldozers – as well as heavy duty grader blades for levelling, spreading and filling applications.

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Durable Earthmoving Equipment

Fitting a cutting edge or blade to your machinery offers a variety of benefits, including greater protection from wear and tear, day in and day out. Fitting an edge is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your bucket or blade, delivering better long-term value on your equipment expenses.

Our collection of loader segments and edges can also help give new life to worn buckets, restoring their performance and allowing for greater flexibility in application.

Using a specialised ground engaging tool designed for the application always delivers greater efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing stress on heavy equipment. By selecting the right edges for the task at hand, the task can be accomplished more efficiently, without compromising the condition and longevity of your hardware.

Operating from Perth, WA, we understand what it takes to get maximum performance from heavy equipment under tough Australian conditions. All Earthmoving Unlimited wear parts are engineered to the highest standard, delivering ground-engaging edge protection that’s both long-lasting and resistant to abrasion.

For those rough and tumble jobs, our ‘extra wear life’ and ‘extreme heavy duty’ blades have you covered.

Equip your construction, agricultural and landscaping equipment with Earthmoving Unlimited’s durable ground-engaging tools – designed to deliver exceptional value for money over the lifetime of each part.


Protect your most valuable assets with our extensive range of bulldozer cutting edges and side bits. With hundreds of options in our online store, we can supply bulldozer edges for every size and application.

Earthmoving Unlimited stocks general duty, extra wear life and finishing bulldozer edges. Manufactured to our exacting standards, all of our cutting edges are designed to prolong the life of your blades and boost the performance of your machinery.

Get the strength and precision you’re looking for with our selection of bulldozer end bits to match cutting edge depth, in the same durable quality you can rely on. For the most versatile blade protection, our hot cupped end bits are available in a range of sizes.

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Looking to protect your scraper bowl from wear and abrasion? Our well-stocked online store has the solution. Earthmoving Unlimited stocks a vast range of scraper cutting edges and end bits.

When tackling large and difficult projects, you need cutting edges you can rely on to keep your scraper machine running at maximum efficiency. Minimise stress on machinery and save on fuel expenses with our reliable selection of tractor scraper blades, designed for long-lasting productivity.

Our scraper products are available in a variety of grades, from ‘general use’ through to our toughest ‘extreme heavy duty’ scraper blades. Selecting the right grade for the terrain will help you get maximum value out of your investment, as well as reducing downtime incurred when replacement is required.


A Cutting Edge That Comes With A 100% Risk-Free Iron-Clad Guarantee To At Least DOUBLE The Lifespan Of Any Other Genuine Cutting Edge You Use?


Benefit from the full lifespan of your loader bucket with Earthmoving Unlimited loader bucket edges and segments in a range of lengths and thicknesses. 

Protect your prized equipment from impact and abrasion which can cause premature wear – or give worn-out edges a new lease on life with our collection of bolt-on loader segments, edges and covers.

Our well-stocked selection will help you choose the right loader edges for the application and material, increasing productivity and achieving greater fuel efficiency throughout the project.

Give your leading edge the maximum protection with our selection of loader edges for all makes and models. We stock a full range of loader centre edges, end bits and heel plates suitable for straight lips.


For durable lip protection, we offer bolt-on half-arrow segments and top covers – also compatible with our bucket adaptors. Our leading edge protection systems take the durability of your equipment to the next level.

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Are you tired of unreliable materials that wear out faster with each set you buy? The type of b-grade cutting edges that can't handle the wear and tear of the workload you put them under?

Truth is, most cutting edges are sourced from shoddy overseas materials, raising the stress your machines and buckets are put under day in and day out – and leading to more wear and tear that quickly raises your maintenance and labour costs.
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Durable, versatile and reliable – that’s the guarantee we make on every universal cutting edge we stock. Our double bevel flat universal cutting edges are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, for every application under the sun.

Think easy fitting and reduced downtime with these reversible double-bevel cutting blades, giving you even better value for money on each purchase. Like all Earthmoving Unlimited ground engaging tools, our universal cutting edges are designed for long-lasting performance in tough conditions.

Suitable for a wide range of makes and models, all that’s left to do is select the right size and thickness for your equipment.



Earthmoving Unlimited stocks a selection of curved grader blades available in 6ft, 7ft and 8ft widths to fit your tractor’s specifications.

Our versatile grader blades are suitable for a wide range of tasks, from road and surface grading to clearing, levelling, spreading and backfilling applications.

With a long-lasting cutting edge, all tractor grader blades we offer are easy to mount and abrasion-resistant.


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