To tackle the hardest surfaces, you need the strongest ground-engaging tools. Our bulldozer ripper attachments are designed for exceptional performance under aggressive conditions. Earthmoving Unlimited’s range of ripper tips and shank protectors offer strong ground penetrating capability, ideal for high impact dozer applications such as demolition and ground preparation. Power through rock, concrete and compacted soil without costly damage to your ripper shanks or inefficient operation undermining your project’s profitability.

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Durable Earthmoving Equipment

Like other ground-engaging tools, ripper boots can become worn from ongoing use in rough conditions – with implications for productivity and fuel consumption, as well as ongoing maintenance costs. 

Ensuring ripper boots are in good condition will ensure your bulldozer remains at peak functionality, reflecting better per-hour performance.

Why choose Earthmoving Unlimited for your ripper boots and shank protectors? We carry out extensive factory testing on our products to ensure they meet our standards, with long-lasting toughness and impact resistance an absolute must. 

You can rely on our durable ripper protection systems to deliver maximum ground-penetrating power, along with an extended wear life to support your bottom line. Whatever configuration suits your make and model of bulldozer, you’ll find it in our well-stocked online selection.


Earthmoving Unlimited offers a range of heavy duty ripper boots for your bulldozer. Also known as ripper tips or ripper shrouds, these vital components boost the ground-penetrating performance of your bulldozer – while also keeping the ripper shank sheltered from abrasion and impact.

Without a high-quality bulldozer tip or boot fitted, the shank itself will suffer premature wear and possibly even breakage. For the toughest conditions in Australia, our ripper boots will help keep your leading edge sharp and maintain the efficiency of your bulldozer.

We can provide penetration, centreline and centreline short ripper boots to suit the application – allowing you to balance wear life and material resistance according to the task at hand. The variations we stock include:

  • Penetration ripper boots: aggressive angle for maximum ground-penetrating power
  • Centreline ripper boots: reversible to offer additional value for money and wear life
  • Centreline short ripper boots: for the highest impact surfaces and applications
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When equipped along with our ripper boots, Earthmoving Unlimited bulldozer shank protectors offer full coverage against wear and abrasion, with a smooth transition.

Investing in high quality wear parts helps shield the most important components of your heavy machinery from day-to-day impact and abrasion, extracting a much greater lifespan from your ripper shanks themselves. 

Reduce maintenance costs and stress on your machinery by fitting suitable shank protectors each and every time. 

All our ripper shank protectors are heavy duty graded, designed for the toughest mining, construction and agricultural applications.

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