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Protect your greatest assets from premature wear and abrasion damage. Our industry-leading wear parts are available in a size, shape and style to suit your needs.


Durable Earthmoving Equipment

In the earthmoving industry, it pays to be proactive about preventing wear – and if vulnerabilities are left unaddressed, the associated costs can quickly add up. Investing in the highest quality wear protection for your heavy machinery helps avoid a mountain of expenses later down the track. 

Earthmoving Unlimited stocks an extensive range of wear protection components for Australian industry. Whether you’re in mining, construction or agriculture, your heavy equipment needs the best possible defences against everyday impact and abrasion.

Our universal wear parts can be fitted to many makes and models, offering longevity and value-for-money above and beyond OEM components.

For best results, replace all consumable parts and wear protection regularly – and with our commitment to offering the best value in Australian industry, Earthmoving Unlimited is your ticket to achieving greater cost efficiency.


Pay extra attention to your highest wearing spots – equip your excavator or loader buckets with our range of high-quality heel blocks.

Heel blocks (or heel shrouds) protect the high-wear bucket corner edges, where repeated abrasion and impact damage can ultimately compromise the integrity of your bucket.

Particularly when fitting other ground-engaging tools to your excavator or loader bucket, it’s crucial to address the remaining vulnerabilities, ensuring you have all the components necessary to effectively extend your bucket’s lifespan.



Offer strong support to your heavy equipment’s moving joints with our universal bucket shims.

Made from quality steel, Earthmoving Unlimited bucket shims are manufactured to the same durable standard as all of our ground engaging tools. Suitable for a vast range of makes and models, simply select the correct inside and outside diameter for your loader or excavator bucket.


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Upgrade the performance and longevity of your loader or excavator with our selection of universal weld on bucket edges. Protecting your leading edge from day-to-day abrasion and wear helps extract maximum value from your equipment – including greater efficiency and reduced stress on your machinery.

Our durable bucket edges can also help in restoring worn buckets, extending the usable lifespan of your equipment. Earthmoving Unlimited weld on bucket edges have a single bevel and are available pre-drilled or without holes for flexible application.



Target the most difficult nooks and crannies with our high-performance wear buttons. Quick and easy to apply, our wear buttons are available in a range of sizes.

Designed to deflect impacts, our wear buttons prolong the life of your GET, offering you greater value for money across all of your equipment expenses. Ideal for excavator and loader buckets, including adaptor and side walls wear protection.

Are you tired of unreliable materials that wear out faster with each set you buy? The type of b-grade cutting edges that can't handle the wear and tear of the workload you put them under?

Truth is, most cutting edges are sourced from shoddy overseas materials, raising the stress your machines and buckets are put under day in and day out – and leading to more wear and tear that quickly raises your maintenance and labour costs.


For the most versatile impact protection, don’t look past Earthmoving Unlimited’s chocky bar wear systems.

We stock a collection of notched chocky bars suitable for buckets, excavators, dragline machines and more – as the most flexible style of earthmoving consumable, our chocky bars have more applications than we could possibly list. 

Easy to use without intensive cutting or shaping, our long-lasting chocky bars are engineered to the highest quality and deliver long-lasting wear protection across a variety of surfaces.



Restore your tread to full performance with Earthmoving Unlimited’s high quality grouser bars, available in a range of sizes to suit your track shoes.

Regularly replacing your grouser bars allows for greater fuel economy and avoids running your equipment inefficiently, leading to greater productivity losses. Our heavy duty grouser bars are designed for easy application and long-lasting toughness, even on difficult terrain and under abrasive conditions.

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